The Extreme Importance of Math and Reading Remediation

Upon enrollment at Academic Advantage Tutoring, students are required to take a diagnostic exam. Current ITBS scores are accepted in lieu of diagnostic testing when they show that a student has tested on grade level or above.

We recommend Remediation in Math and/or Reading when students’ test scores are below their current grade level. The good news is that Math Remediation can be completed within three to six months when students attend on a consistent basis to build retention and knowledge. It is recommended that students attend three hours a week for twelve weeks or four hours a week for nine weeks to complete 36 hours of instruction in one-on-one tutoring sessions. Many of our math students who attend the Math remediation program complete the program prior to 36 hours of instruction and take a post-test. Individual results vary. Some students may take longer to complete the program, but show large increases in academic gains when tested. However, students who test low in Reading Comprehension make initial gains in Math improvement, but will continue to struggle with word problems and problem solving due to low Reading comprehension. For students with both low Reading and Math scores who choose not complete both Reading and Math remediation, it is recommended to start Math to improve basic skills, then add Reading comprehension.

It is important to understand that Reading Remediation is a longer process than Math Remediation. Reading Comprehension cannot be improved with three or four sessions. It may take a year or more to improve the Reading Comprehension of students who test two years or more below current grade level. Parents and students must be committed to attending sessions weekly three to four times a week for 36 to 72 hours of instruction to improve Phonics, Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension as well as completing home assignments. There is no short cut to improve reading skills. The student and parent must understand the importance of improving Reading and Math skills to lay a foundation for future success.

For example, a student who tested on 6th grade level in Reading Comprehension in the 9th grade and did not complete a Reading Comprehension program will struggle when it is time to take ACT and/or SAT exams. By the time the student reaches 12th grade, the gap has increased from a three year gap to a six year gap and it is simply too late to get the desired results on a college entrance exam. At that time, only test strategies can be provided in sessions to help the student. There is simply not enough time to improve the six year Reading Comprehension gap within the three month span that the student only has the senior year of high school to get the desired score and especially so if the student cannot commit to consistent tutoring due to sports, part-time jobs, cheerleading, dance, etc. The student can improve, but not enough to obtain the score needed for college admission.

At Academic Advantage Tutoring, we do not lock students and parents into contracts. We make recommendations for student improvement and success. Without needed remediation, gaps in Reading and Math will widen with each school year. When a student does not complete recommended remediation tutoring sessions, we cannot make any guarantee as to any student’s academic success when gaps in academic knowledge exists and the choice is made not to attend the Remediation program or the student starts the program and stops prior to completion or starts the program and does not attend consistently. For many students summer is the best time to make the academic improvements by attending consistent remediation sessions and can focus on tutoring without daily school and homework requirements.

The reality is that all students only have an allotted amount of time between Kindergarten and 12th grade to get the academic skills needed to go on to the next level of college on the time track for fall semester college admission the year after high school graduation. When students are frantic to obtain scores needed their junior and senior year of high school with less than 12 months to prepare for SAT or ACT exams and refused Math and/or Reading remediation in previous years due to other obligations such as sports, cheerleading, dance, jobs, etc. it is impossible to improve low SAT/ACT scores to the desired score needed the Senior year due to low Reading Comprehension. There is simply no time left in addition to that student placing part-time jobs, sports and other activities above test preparation. At this point, it is never too late for a young person to succeed. Many students have attended our center after high school to improve Reading and Math levels to prepare to take the Compass exam, ASVAB exam, GED and SAT and ACT exams to move to the next level to attend college.

When making the choice not to attend recommended remediation tutoring sessions at the time of testing, gaps in academic levels continue to widen, students constantly struggle with daily class and homework assignments and will lack the foundation to pass College entrance exams to continue with the next level of life be it college or job preparation. Education is the key to success and the prospect for a better future. It is never too late to prepare, but waiting to prepare causes anxiety, frustration and embarrassment that can be avoided. Prepare now, today, for your future success. Tomorrow will come and it is best to be prepared it arrives.