Homeschooling with Traditional Teaching or Public School Online Curriculum

Picture_How_We_HelpHomeschooling with traditional teaching or homeschooling with public school online curriculum.  The choice is yours. Different forms of Homeschooling are available.  Students may prefer an online public school curriculum or may opt for a more traditional way of learning with a live teacher and textbooks.  Academic Advantage Tutoring offers both.  In the Homeschool Academy, students are taught in a small class and receive personalized attention.  Upon enrolling, students receive diagnostic testing to determine strengths and weaknesses.  Small classes allow students to receive the individualized attention to close any academic gaps if needed.  Once the student finishes remediation of academic gaps and receives post-testing, students are taught the designated curriculum.  In small homeschool classes, students are taught academic subjects using the state based curriculum which is supplemented to include, grammar, vocabulary, handwriting, reading comprehension and study and organizational skills.  Students excel in an individualized setting while making significant academic gains as evidenced by ITBS and nationally normed post diagnostic testing.  In addition, the homeschool academy assures that students have the ability to pass state mandated exams.  Students are graded, receive progress reports, report cards and have a transcript that can be forwarded to any school upon request.

For students who enroll in a public school online curriculum such as Dekalb Online Academy (DOLA), or any online curriculum program, our teachers are able to supplement student online learning with in person teaching support and coordinate student communication with online instructors.  All work is submitted online and is graded by state certified teachers or online teaching staff.  Students receive credits toward their public school diploma or online curriculum program. Our teachers in the Homeschool Academy ensure that students learn instructional information in the time limits required while reinforcing learning, student understanding and retention and making sure that all student work is submitted on time.  Parents are afforded the freedom to work from the office or home while having comfort in knowing that their child is receiving the quality teaching and support they need in a quiet, safe, secure learning environment.