Selecting an After School Program

student-and-teacherSelecting an After School Program can seem like a daunting task.  When selecting a program, seek a program that will help your child excel academically.  After daily attendance at many types of programs, parents still have the task of sitting down at home to complete homework at the end of a long, tiring day for both parent and student.  An After School Program should not be a baby-sitting program.  It should provide an opportunity for your child to utilize after school time wisely to complete homework, work on projects and work ahead of his or her class.  A program with these qualities will help instill your child with the confidence and knowledge needed to do well and have a productive school year.  At Academic Advantage Tutoring-After School Tutoring Program, our students not only gain these skills, but also prepare for end of year state exams.  Our students not only pass these exams, they pass with the score of exceed!  The best time to for your child’s future is now.  Start earning a higher grade point average, a strong academic foundation and the skills needed to achieve high scores on standardized exams.  Getting a strong foundation today can be the difference in having the opportunity to obtain future money for college scholarships.

At Academic Advantage Tutoring, our students are taught in a clean, quiet, secure and structured environment by experienced, college degree tutors and certified teachers who ensure that your child receives individualized attention and assistance with school homework (all subjects), projects and extra practice. When students complete daily homework assignments, they work ahead of their class on the next topic of instruction and on end of year test preparation.  Students work in small groups, receiving specialized attention.  Students are encouraged to keep neat notebooks, daily agendas and to organize their work.  When parents pick up their child, home time is now family time.  Students now have time to go out, play, exercise and spend time with family.  When students leave the program on Friday with homework complete, they can enjoy weekend time with friends and family without the stress of waiting until Sunday night to work on a school assignment.  Many students are now challenged with daily homework in each class course which can lead to frustration.  Many parents do not find out that their child is struggling with a course until it is too late to get the help needed or it is too late to improve because it is the end of the semester.  Enrolling in an After School Tutoring Program can be the first step in the foundation on the path to future success.