academic tutoring policies


No Contracts


We offer an individualized tutoring program for each student. Tutoring Plans are recommended, however, students/parents may schedule as desired. We offer flexible weekly scheduling. It is recommended that students/parents schedule no later than the Saturday before the week to obtain the day/time and Tutor desired for sessions. Individual tutoring plans are tailored per student need. Our tutors work with each student to teach to individual learning styles and academic need. Academic improvement and /or Classroom success cannot be guaranteed if a student does not complete the recommended tutoring program.


Diagnostic Testing


Every student must take a diagnostic test in Reading and Math before enrolling and attending tutorial sessions.  Diagnostic testing is essential to ensure that every student’s academic needs are met. Students who test on grade level may schedule for private or group sessions. Students who test below grade level must schedule for private sessions only. This one-on-one attention is to allow maximum working time with the student to master missing or forgotten skills. Remediation Programs for Reading and/or Math are recommended for students who test below grade level. Diagnostic Testing allows the Tutor to work with the student in shortest time possible to attain desired results.


Appointments and Scheduling


Please consider your vacation schedule and your child’s sports and extra-curricular activities before registering for test prep courses and Summer Courses.  We will be unable to change the pre-set dates of these courses.  In addition, please understand that we cannot schedule any appointments without pre-payment (minimum a week in advance). Prepaying ahead will guarantee the time of session desired. We cannot hold any appointments under any circumstance.  We do not bind our customers in contracts however; this business policy is in place in order that we may schedule our teachers and students accordingly. Due to the number of appointment scheduling and appointment cancellations/no shows, we must abide strictly to this business policy. You are financially responsible for all missed appointments and late cancellations.  We accept all forms of payment. You may make pre-payment(s) in our office, via our website, and/or over the telephone (this is also a secured method of payment).
Late Cancellations or Late rescheduling dates are subject to a $25.00 cancellation fee per hour scheduled or $25.00 rescheduling fee per hour scheduled if not rescheduled according to policy. Late requests for subject changes less than 24 hours of the scheduled appointment time is also subject to a rescheduling fee per hour scheduled. Tutors have set aside a time to tutor each student and are paid for the scheduled time if appointments are not cancelled or rescheduled according to policy.


School Projects, Book Reports and Essay Assignments


Please be advised that if a student brings in a school project or an Essay, they will need to register for a private session in order for the tutor to be able to review the requirements and focus on the project with the student.  It is unlikely that the tutor will be able to complete the project within one tutorial session.   You may need to schedule additional private sessions if you would like for the tutor to complete the project with the student.  If possible, please schedule at least one week in advance.  In addition, if you only have 3 days or less when scheduling before a major project is due, it may occur that the tutor may not have sufficient time to work with your child and your child may not have time to complete the project and fully understand the work done for a classroom presentation.  In addition, if the student has a book report due, it is a requirement that the student read the book prior to attending his or her tutorial session.


Private Instruction 


Our Private one-on-one instruction is intended for those who need additional assistance and attention in regards to the subject/lesson being taught and needed remediation on a more personal level. Students who complete diagnostic testing and do not test on current grade level are taught in private one-on-one sessions for Remediation and/or homework help until remediation is completed and the student tests on grade level. Students who test on grade level may schedule for private sessions or small group sessions.

Please note that if your child has a project due of any sort, they will have to schedule for an individual one-on-one session.  Please be advised that we will not be able to complete an extensive project assignment with your child in a one hour tutorial session. You may need to schedule additional hours for the assistance of their project.


Commitment and Consistency


It will take time to reach your student’s goals.  Therefore, your commitment to completion of the program is essential for success.  We highly recommend consistent attendance.  Please consider your child’s extracurricular activities schedule before scheduling a tutorial course.  Irregular attendance or early withdrawal may be detrimental to your student’s academic growth and prevent the attainment of desired educational goals.  Without your commitment to consistency, we will be unable to attain the desired academic goals for your child. Enthusiasm and encouragement about his or her tutorial program will help build a positive attitude and maximize academic growth.  Encourage your child to do his or her assigned homework, and remind him or her to bring all class materials to the appropriate sessions.  For optimal results, we recommend your student attend the maximum number of instructional hours per week recommended.


Arrival and Departure


Academic Advantage Tutoring personnel cannot assume responsibility for students who arrive early and do not enter the building, or for students who leave the center after instruction when no one is waiting for them.  It is your responsibility to accompany your student to and from Academic Advantage Tutoring.  You must authorize in writing if your child is to walk to or from the center.  Please wait with your child until instruction begins and be available to meet your student after his or her session.  Classes begin and end promptly at the scheduled times.  Please arrive at Academic Advantage Tutoring no more than fifteen (15) minutes before class and no later than fifteen (15) minutes after class.  Please notify Academic Advantage Tutoring of any changes in your transportation arrangements.  All students must be signed in and out.  If your student drives or walks, he or she will be allowed to sign in and out.
Additionally, if you will not be personally providing transportation for your student, you must list the names and information for those individuals you hold responsible for your student’s transportation.  Please refer to the “Authorized Transportation Agreement.”



Attendance Policy


Please call no later than 7 p.m. the previous evening to cancel an appointment.  Please call no later than 11 a.m. if you need to cancel a session for that day due to an emergency situation or illness.  You are financially responsible for any missed session, or for any session that was not cancelled according to policy.


Safety and Consideration


Students are not permitted to bring outside food or drinks into the facility.  (Bottled water is permitted)  Students may not chew gum.  We ask that students do not run in the building or on the building grounds.  Students are not allowed to tilt or lean back in their chairs.  Cell phone use is not permitted in the facility.  Turn off all cell phones prior to entering the building, or leave phones and other electronic devices with parents or at home.


Students must behave in an orderly fashion.  Students will dress in accordance with the educational setting; no cut-offs, slippers or bare mid-riffs.   Students are expected to be respectful of other students and faculty at all times; no raised voices, abusive language or gestures.  Students are expected to be respectful of the building and its grounds at all times; no writing on the walls or tables, using the computers without permission or supervision, or leaving the restrooms disorderly.  Students may not bring lasers, knives or weapons of any type.  Academic Advantage Tutoring reserves the right to discontinue services due to behavioral or disciplinary problems. In addition, please do not attend your session if you are ill or have a communicable disease.  We will gladly reschedule your session to a time when you are feeling much better. Students who miss a scheduled test prep class must pay to make up missed class sessions if desired. Payment made for group class will be applied to private tutoring make up session.




Instances of closure due to weather will be rare.  Please use your best judgment if traveling a long distance. Decisions to close the center due to inclement weather will be made by the center’s director. In the event of such closings, you will receive an email notice that the center is closing and closings will also be posted our website – just click on our Facebook orTwitter page for current updates


Tutor Worksheets


Tutors record session notes on “Tutor Worksheets” for your review at the end of every session, which must be signed by the parent or the party responsible for transportation.  Please look over the work that was completed during the session and take note of any questions you may have regarding your student’s homework or assessment.


Sign In / Sign Out


Parents or students (when designated) must sign their student in and write the sign- in time before and after each tutorial session. Parents must not leave the center until student has been signed out. Please do not drop your child off and drive away with signing him/her in and making payment for the class session.


Waiting Area


Parents, guests and all other visitors must wait in the waiting area until student(s) have completed their school day.  No cell phone conversations are allowed within the learning center.  This is a teaching /learning environment that requires concentration.  Please assist us in maintaining a quiet learning environment.


Center Rules / No Cell Phone Use During Tutorial Sessions


Students are to have all cell phones and other electronic devices put away during tutorial sessions.  Cell phones should be turned off or silenced.  There is absolutely no texting or phone use during tutorial sessions or cell phone use within the building.  In addition, students may not chew gum in the building, nor socialize with other students within their small group tutorial session.  Students may not lean back in their chairs (for safety reasons) during their tutorial sessions.


SAT/ACT Prep Course Guarantee

Students enrolled in SAT prep are guaranteed a minimum 150 point increase. ACT prep students are guaranteed a 2 point composite minimum increase. The course guarantee applies only to students who test on grade level on reading/math diagnostic testing upon enrolling with AAT. Students who test on grade level and do not increase by the minimum point guarantee may take the class again within six months of the course. In addition, students must complete the course by attending each class and completing all homework/classwork assignments. Missing a class session without making up the missed session(s) and/or not completing all homework assignments void the course guarantee.