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Seeking Experienced tutoring professionals with college degrees. Our tutors typically are employed with us 5-7 years or longer. Seeking tutors who desire long-term part-time employment. Must have daily access to Internet. Must be willing to undergo an extensive background check. Must be available for consistent part-time scheduling. Must be motivated and have a strong desire to help students to succeed. We are independent and not affiliated with any other tutoring chains.

Certified Teachers, Experienced Tutors, Substitute Teachers and College Professors are welcome to apply.

 Center Tutoring takes place at our Tutoring Facility  located
5193 Peachtree Blvd. Chamblee, GA 30341

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Choose Math Subjects that you would like to tutor (High School = HS) (College =C)
Math K-7Pre-AlgebraAlgebra IIITrigonometryAlgebra IAlgebra IIGeometryCalculus I (HS)Calculus II (HS)Pre-CalculusCalculus I (C)Calculus II (C)StatisticsNone

AP Courses

Choose Science Subjects that you would like to tutor (High School = HS) (College =C)
Biology (HS)Biology (C)Anatomy (HS)Anatomy (C)Physiology (HS)Physiology (C)Chemistry (HS)Chemistry (C)Organic Chemistry (HS)Organic Chemistry (C)Life Science 7thEarth Science 9thPhysics (HS)Physics (C)Physical Science 8thPhysical Science (HS)None

Choose Language Arts Subjects that you would like to tutor (High Cchool = HS) (College=C)
K-8thWritingReadingPhonics9th, 10th Grade LiteratureBritish LiteratureEnglish LiteratureNone

Choose Social Studies / History Subjects that you would like to tutor (High School = HS) (College=C)
K-6th Social Studies7th, 8th Social Studies9th Grade Civics / GeographyUS HistoryWorld HistoryGovernmentGeographyEuropean HistoryPolitical ScienceNone

Choose Test Prep Subjects that you would like to tutor (High School=HS) (College=C)
Math SATMath ACTMath SSATCompass MathGED MathCRCT MathCRCT ScienceGACEWriting SATWriting ACTReading SSATCompass EnglishGED Social StudiesCRCT EnglishGRE MathReading SATReading ACTCompass ReadingGED ScienceCRCT Social StudiesGRE VerbalScience ACTGED EnglishCRCT ReadingNone

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Microsoft WordMicrosoft PowerpointMIcrosoft Excel

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