Applying the Use of Note Cards as a Studying Technique

When you study, understanding how to retain the information once you have read the material is often difficult.  A good way to recall facts, ideas, opionions, processess, definitions, and terms is to use note cards.  The use of note cards as strategy to help you learn the information is often more effective in many ways, as they can be used for almost any of the subjects you study.  You can use note cards when reading books and literature to make note of the definitions of key words, in order to remember the information you read.  Focus on the diction used in the work, the setting, plot and roles fo the characters.  Write down meaningful quotes, as well as the roles, definintions of central ideas in literary works as you implement the strategy of using note cards to recall information.

When you are studying history, you can make note cards with key terms and facts and the definitions of those terms, along with short answer questions based on the questions in the reading and your own insight into the reading on the back of the card.  As you begin studying the sciences, you can write out processes, terms, facts, statistics, definitions, any way to connect processes or similar ideas together, and short answer questions on the back of the card.  You can also ask yourself questions with the answers on the back in different forms, whether it be fill in the blank format, word banks, writing out the answer, true/false, and multiple choice format, etc.

You can use the note cards for alsomost any subject including the Social Studies, English, Foreign Languages and Science.  You can organize your note cards by subject matter.  Write down the page number of your textbook to indicate where you got the information, as well as the page number in your notes (notebook) where you got the information.  Use notecards with spiral rings to keep with the cards or buy a clasp to hold your note cards.  Use a whole punch and put them in a notebook.  You can also use them when you write a research paper to write down specific quotes and pages to support the main ideas in the paper.  Make sure to use both your note from class and your textbook to make these cards.  Also, include information from worksheets and handouts in your study guides when you writed down the answers on your cards to review.  You can even organize the colored note cards to help you recall certain groups of information or facts in the same category.

By using note cards, you will be able to view the answer and you can write down the answer on a separate sheet of paper.  Make sure to review the note cards weekly, if not daily.  Work on them periodically throughout the week.  If you choose not to use note cards, make sure to follow these same ideas on notes that you can type or write out in a notebook or journal.  Make sure to be able to cover up the information that you must recall and then write out the answer to review.  Once you have mastered that material, continue to think of new ideas that might be on the tests or quizzes until the day of the test, if you have time.


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