Time Management

In high school, you have to learn to manage your time wisely. You have countless tests, quizzes, papers, and projects.It is important to learn time management skills in high school so that when you get to college you will be able to succeed. College classes require you to spend hours each day per class to prepare and complete the work assigned. You will have to spend hours one day on one or two class and the other day the next one or two classes. In high school, you have numerous classes and you have to manage your time to complete all work on time. Make sure to use a planner and write down all of your assignments each day in them. Then use another calendar to write down when you need to complete your assignments. If you have a test, plan to start studying about two weeks ahead of time. If you have a quiz, give yourself a week to prepare. If you have a research paper, start working about three to four weeks ahead of time. Make sure to save the most time to study for your tests and complete homework. Give yourself 30 minute breaks in between. Study an hour a day for tests and give yourself 2-3 hours to do homework. Give yourself 30-40 minutes to work on homework for each class. Take a ten-fifteen minute break in between. Make sure to work on whatever is due first or what test or quiz you will have first and finish with the work that is due later. Study by quizzing yourself after you read each chapter.

Write down whatever you can remember and compare it to the book. You can study by making flash cards with the main terms. Also, write down questions about all of the main points on each page and put the answer on another page. Test yourself about everything you can remember by asking your  own short answer questions and fill in the blank questions. If you have essay questions to memorize in subjects like history, write the essay well in advance and re-read it until you have memorized it. Take in sections. Once you get one line or two memorized go to the next. Memorize paragraph by paragraph working on it some every day. Memorize a paragraph every day until you have the answer memorized. Write down the essay from memory three or four days before the test to make sure you can remember it. Review paragraphs you memorized the previous day the next to make sure you retained the information. Re-answer homework questions to quiz yourself for tests. These are all helpful strategies to help you succeed. It depends on how you study, what study methods work for you. If you are better at memorizing certain chapters quiz yourself by writing down whatever you can remember. If you need help recalling information write down questions of your own like a test and quiz yourself. Remember to always keep up with your notes from class and always work on revising them before the test day.


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