Preparing for Exams

When you are preparing for exams, start early. Make sure throughout the semester to organize your notes. Read through your notes from class every week, in order to retain the information for the long term. Make sure to find all of your old tests, quizzes, your own study guides and notes that you made while studying, as well as your homework assignments. Make sure to keep your binders organized with all of this information divided and in folders. Start with re-reading the chapters in accordance with your notes from class. Make sure to have a list of all of the main terms and the most important facts and details in each section of the chapter written down in your notes. You can write questions, or use flash cards to review all of the main idea in the chapters. It is best that you write your own study guides throughout the semester and then compile them together to make one final study guide. When you make your study guides, combine your notes from class with the section of the textbook. Go back through your notes and highlight the main terms as well as the main points to review. You can even cover over the term or the information and test yourself to see how much information you can remember. It is a good idea to always make your own study guides with this information to test yourself because you will be able to combine information from the book and the notes to have a better understanding of the material.

The goal is for you to retain as much of the textbook and the notes from class as possible. In order to do that, re-read the chapters as many times as you can be focusing in on the main points from the lectures. Once you have read the chapters and the notes enough times, review by writing down what you can remember section by section. Use old tests and quizzes, as well as homework assignments to test yourself after you are confident you have retained as much information as possible and use it to refresh your memory before you start studying. The goal is for you to remember the information and so you must start at least two or three weeks before exams to retain the information. Do not wait until the night before or a few days before to study because you will not remember the information.


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