Preparing for Back to School

It’s back to school time! You’ve had the summer off.  You’ve had time to relax, you more than likely have read some books for school or those you are interested in, you’ve taken a vacation or two, spent time with friends and family, and now you begin to feel the anxiety of having to get back into the same routine again.  Try not to begin the school year with too much stress and anxiety as you have to get used to waking up early, being in school all day, and then coming home to do homework and extracurricular activities to help you get a scholarship or get into a good college.

Try to make a planner to organizer your timely properly. This will allow you to fit in some time to take off and rest and give you a time frame to accomplish your studies and other extracurricular activities. Make sure to not take on too many extracurricular activities if you cannot do your homework, study, and do the activities. Try to find the right balance between work and play. If you are interested in sports, playing an instrument, dance, cheerleading, dance team, debate team,or other activities that show you are well rounded and have leadership skills choose the ones that interest you the most and that you can find time in your schedule for. Wait until you have some idea about the academic expectations for the year before you make too many commitments. It is best to choose two or three activities and probably not more than that unless you know you can multitask and get everything done.

If you are a slow worker, make sure to allot enough time to work through your papers, projects, and study time in you schedule. If you are a fast worker, take on a few more extracurricular activities as these may help you get  a scholarship. Remember that your schools work comes first and that it is more important to do your best in school, but you need to find the right balance so that you do not overstress. When a test is approaching, do not panic and wait until the last minute. Make sure you have scheduled enough time a few weeks ahead to study. Review your notes, retype your notes, re-read the chapters, and you will do fine. Make sure to have a positive attitude knowing that you are capable of doing your best and plan for the school year appropriately.


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