The Importance of Academic Calendar Planning and Organization skills

When you are too busy due to all of your after school activities and other events outside of school, you may not remember when your next test or quiz is coming up which leads to a poor academic performance and issues at home. To avoid this from occurring, it is best to use an academic planner even if the school you attend does not require you to buy one and use or use one on a regular basis. Instead of just using a planner when you think your schedule is the busiest as some people do, it is best to use an academic calendar even when you are not as busy to keep from forgetting when your next assignments are due. It is easy to forget doing homework even when your schedule is not as full due to the numerous of assignments given per week.

It is best to either use an academic calendar that gives you enough space to write in detail what you need to have done that week and what is due in the near future as well as when to accomplish your goals. You may need to type a written calendar on your computer and save it to the desk top which will allow you to write out the details you need to remember in order to succeed. You may need to use your cell phone calendar and save events on it to keep from forgetting when your assignments are due. The typed calendar should have specific details about what the assignment is and when you will begin working on it as well as when you plan to have it finished by. If you do not finish the assignment as fast as you had planned keep track of the issue and reorganize your calendar by estimating how many hours you think it will take to complete it based on how many days you have left before it is due.

It is best to begin working on major projects at least a month or so before the project is due to make sure you don’t wait until the last minute. It is too easy to forget what the teacher assigned in the first place if it is a paper or presentation and you do not plan ahead. You will more than likely not do the assignment as well because it takes time to brain storm ideas and put them together in a cohesive way that follows the instructions. You may end up losing the assignment sheet or notes that you took with the details about the assignment if you wait until a few days before it is due. It is best to keep your papers and notes written about your assignments in separate folders. Keep your homework papers in one folder or section of your notebook, your tests and quizzes in another section or folder, and papers your teacher gives you providing you with details about your future assignments in another section or folder. If you don’t start trying to work on your study skills in high school you more than likely will not do well in your college courses due to the many other distractions you will have in college that will keep you from completing your goals if you let it. Do not be like the other students that let the distractions keep them from completing your goals by being intelligently planning ahead. Learning to have good study skills in high school will help you succeed in the future.



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