Academic Common Market…An Opportunity Worth Considering

School counselors and college advisors often hear students mention the desire to attend college outside of Georgia. Many decide to stay due to the costs associated with out of state tuition and the irrestible lure of the HOPE scholarship. If your high school student is interested in a major that is not offered in a Georgia public institution, they may be eligible to take advantage of the Academic Common Market (ACM). ACM enables students to pursue out-of-state college degrees at in-state tuition rates through agreements between Georgia and 15 of our neighboring states.


    A few things you should know about the Academic Common Market:


  • Students should be admitted to the college of choice before submitting the ACM application materials.


  • Residents of SREB states should start their application process early to allow time for getting all the necessary authorizations.


  • States offering undergraduate degrees in our region include: Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia & West Virginia. North Carolina, Florida & Texas participate at the graduate level.


  • Georgia residents have access to almost 280 programs including: Sports Communication, Dance, Interior Design, Urban Planning, Forensic Chemistry, Business Analytics & a host of others.


This is an opportunity that will require some legwork and a few hours of research, but the return is definitely worth the investment!


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