Get Ahead-Summer Tutoring

Summer time is a time to refresh and renew! We all set aside some time to relax, visit family and vacation. Summer time is also the perfect time to get ahead of the upcoming school year. We offer various programs for students to fill in academic gaps, take refresher math or writing courses or work on class work for the upcoming school year.

Reading and Math Remediation-If your Math and/or Reading diagnostic pre-test revealed some gaps in learning, use the summer to work on your basic skills. A strong foundation in Reading Comprehension and Basic Arithmetic and Geometry is needed for standardized test success including SAT and ACT exams.

Math Workshops can refresh your memory and help reinforce learning in all areas of basic math that were not learned before, unclear or simply forgotten. Math knowledge builds student achievement and confidence.

Writing Workshops can help students with writing a cohesive and organized essay which is needed for class papers, standardized testing and SAT and ACT exams.

Summer Prep Academy-Grades 2-8 we work with students on the upcoming school year’s curriculum. Students work on Reading comprehension, English Language Arts and Math to get ahead of the class for fall. Students are knowledgeable when teachers teach the class material and poised to make A’s.

Summer Courses-Grades 9-12-Students take upcoming math and science courses in Biology, Chemistry, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, and Physics.

PSAT Prep-Students can get prepared for the newly designed PSAT which will be given in October. Students will have the advantage of learning the new test format and practice. 12 week course.

SAT or ACT Prep– Rising Juniors, Seniors and Sophomores can prep to improves scores on the SAT before the redesigned test is released. Research shows that the greater the time students have to practice and prep, the more scores increase and test anxiety decreases.

Navigating the College Application Process– Students will bring their laptops for an interactive planning session to plan for life after high school.

Study Skills-Learn organizational skills to become confident! Handle stress, learn note-taking and reading comprehension strategies.

Get a HEADSTART on the new school year. The reality is that students have the years between Kindergarten and 10th grade to obtain the core academic skills needed before taking college admissions exams to continue on the time scale of entering college directly after the high school senior year. Don’t wait until the sophomore, junior or senior year of high school when there is too little time left to improve Reading, Math and Writing skills before taking SAT or ACT.

More College Planning Updates…

In our last blog post we talked about the redesigned SAT which is on the way. Well for those 10th graders who are anxious and ready to start preparing, you can now check out a full practice PSAT! The College Board recently released the test and answer explanations that you can access at Although redesigned, the PSAT will continue to be the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test so rising juniors should invest some study time. Strong performance on this test can result in multiple scholarship opportunities so take advantage of this FREE resource and get started today!

Rising seniors have another important announcement to follow. The Common Application has released its revised essay prompts for the 2015-2016 application season. There are a total of 5 essays students can choose from to submit to the colleges of their choice. The Common Application is accepted at over 500 colleges and universities and has become a widely accepted admissions tool for students wishing to maximize their time. Summer is an awesome time to start drafting responses to some of these questions as current 11 graders prepare for the fall application season. This is also great practice for scholarship essays which will often times have similar writing prompts. Many students will avoid scholarship applications that require an essay(s); but taking the time to get a few prepared before the hustle and bustle of the ordinary demands of the school year can reduce the stress related with trying to multitask.

Now that you have an idea of some of the changes heading your way in the college admissions world take some time and come up with a strategy that works best for you. Just as important though is making sure you finish this semester on a solid note.

Don’t forget Academic Advantage Tutoring has College Planning services available to assist students prepare and stay on top of the busy and always changing college admissions world. Call today to find out how we can help!

Are You Ready for the Redesigned SAT?

The SAT as we know it is changing and the redesigned version will be introduced to the public in the spring of 2016. College bound students and especially current 10th grade students should pay special attention to how the changes will affect them. The College Board is working hard to keep students and families informed and has a comprehensive website detailing the changes at

In the meantime current 10th graders (and parents) here are a few things you will want to consider:

    • The redesigned SAT is an achievement test and is more closely aligned to what you are learning in the classroom.
    • You will be the first to take the redesigned PSAT/NMSQT as juniors in October. Your performance on this test may qualify you for scholarship and other recognition opportunities. It’s important to take advantage of the summer months and early fall to practice and prepare for the redesigned test. The College Board will release a practice PSAT sometime later this month.
    • There are some key changes to the redesigned test and the list can be found on the website but two of our favorites: no penalties for wrong answers and you will now see relevant vocabulary words!
    • While the writing section is optional we suggest you opt to take it, as it should give colleges a more comprehensive view of your ability. Remember every college has different requirements so do your research.
    • Most counselors suggest students take both college admissions tests in the spring of their junior year and this will be especially important during 2015-2016. Students should attempt both the SAT and the ACT if possible to determine which is a better fit.
    • Remember that most colleges will accept either test but again, check the admission requirements for each school you are considering. Concordance information (ACT comparison) will be available in 2016.
    • Stay tuned for the SAT Guide for Students and Parents which is scheduled to be released in June 2015 for a comprehensive overview of the redesigned test.